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Empower Your Networking with Sailax Digital Business Card

Don't let potential connections slip away. Step into the digital age with our groundbreaking Sailax digital business card. It's not just a business card; it's the future of networking.

Here's what makes it a must-have

Sharing Share your contact information, website links, social media profiles, payment methods, and more with a simple tap - no more juggling paper cards.

Modern Business Card Crafted for the contemporary professional, it's user-friendly and fully customizable directly from your smartphone.

No Hidden Costs Forget about monthly subscriptions - our solution offers a cost-effective way to manage your connections.

Universal Compatibility It's designed to work seamlessly with iPhones from the 7th generation onward and most Android phones manufactured since 2012.

Digital Connectivity Never fret about lost contact details. With Sailax DBC, you're already digitally linked to your contacts.

No App Required Your contacts don't need to install any specific app or software to access the information you share.

The Last Card You'll Need Carry just one card in your wallet, saving you the time and money spent on reprinting traditional cards.

Eco-Friendly Style Choose from our range of eco-friendly wood designs to match your personal style.

Instant Connection Thanks to NFC technology, your customized profile pops up on your contact's smartphone screen in an instant.

Important Note:
Before making a purchase, confirm that your phone is compatible with Sailax DBC products to ensure smooth activation.

Please note that our NFC cards are non-refundable in case of lost, missing, or redirected shipments. A signature is needed upon delivery, so please verify that your address is valid and accurate.

With DBC NFC (Near Field Communication) Cards, we've revolutionized the art of sharing your professional information. These cutting-edge cards offer a seamless and high-tech way to network. Here's how they function:

Personalized Creation Start by crafting your custom DBC NFC Card. Input your name, contact details, company info, and other pertinent information.

Enriched Information Beyond the essentials, you can incorporate links to your social media accounts, your website, and even include payment options like PayPal or Venmo. Your DBC NFC Card provides a comprehensive snapshot of your professional identity.

Unique Design Express your individuality or align the card with your brand's style. The DBC NFC Card design is fully customizable, making it distinctly yours.

Effortless Sharing Sharing your DBC NFC Card is remarkably straightforward. You can transmit it through text, email, or employ the convenience of QR codes. But the real magic happens through NFC technology. Simply tap your phone with the recipient's, and your information is instantly shared.

Smooth Reception Your contacts don't need any special applications or gadgets to receive your card. They can effortlessly view and save your contact details using standard smartphone capabilities.

Real-Time Updates If your information changes, no problem. You can promptly update your DBC NFC Card, ensuring that your connections always have your latest details.

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